Ten Thankful Things To Do – Plus One
Jim Stephens

Ideas to help you develop a Thankfulness attitude through thankful actions:

1. Give everyone you meet a compliment. Compliments are really expressions of thankfulness.

2. Say grace at meals. You don’t have to be a religious fanatic to be thankful for your food, for the means to buy it, for the farmers who grew it, and for God who gave it.

3. Donate, Give, Share. Giving things away expresses our thankfulness that we have enough.

4. Volunteer. When we are given so much in life, we must give back.

5. Keep a thankfulness journal. Every evening write down a few things you were thankful for that day.

6. Tell people you are thankful for them! Don’t worry, you won’t sound weird.

7. Thank others for what they do, not just for material gifts.

8. Pray. Too often during prayer we focus on lack, asking for what we think we need. It’s ok to ask God for things, but we also need to say thanks for what he has given.

9. Remind yourself to be thankful. Frame a favorite Thankfulness quote and keep it where you see it often.

10. Be thankful on social media. Facebook is full of complainers and criticizers! Be a thanker and a praiser!

+1. Make a specific point of constantly looking for things to be thankful for. I promise you will find them.