What is a Mini-Retreat?

A Mini-Retreat is a half-day or a two or three-day break in the activities of daily life in which we stop and take stock of what God has done for us, where we are, and where we believe God wants us to go.

Each stage of the Christian life seems to be a destination until you reach it, then it becomes a milepost and reference point in the on-going journey. Keep pressing on.

Who needs a Mini-Retreat?

• Families - Parents with children who are old enough to be faced with decisions about life and future.
• Married couples.
• Church or ministry staff or team.
• Individuals.

When do we need a Mini-Retreat?

• When we are chronically busy.
• When we are in danger of losing perspective.
• During seasons of change and transition.
• When we are finding that God’s Grace is lifting off us in the present situation.
• When we are frustrated.
• When we begin to sense that the time is coming for change to take place.
• When there are open doors of opportunity.
• When we begin to feel a stirring in a new direction.
• When we are experiencing any of the symptoms of burnout.
• When there are decisions to be made concerning direction.
• Regularly once or twice a year as a “tune-up” to keep things moving smoothly.

How does a Mini-Retreat work?

There are several important components of an effective Mini-Retreat, but the actual details can be worked out in a number of ways. Here are some of the important factors in an effective Mini-Retreat:

• Set time aside for your Mini-Retreat – anywhere from three or four hours to two or three days. Stop what you are doing. Take a break from the routine. This may require some advance planning and preparation.
• Go somewhere nice if you can. If not, let phone calls go to voice mail and resist the temptation to check your email.
• Break each day of the Mini-Retreat into segments: Reflection, Creative discussion, Recreation, Rest, Prayer. Focus on a different aspect of your situation each day: Assessment, Creative discussion, Planning and Implementation.
• Spend some time on the last day or the final session of your Mini-Retreat making plans and assignments for each participant. Come away with some steps of action.

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