First Hour - Reflection

  • Reflect. Think about God’s goodness and provision to you. Look at important scriptures. Review special insights or words you have received from God.
  • Dream. With your mind and heart full of thoughts of God’s blessing, direction, and provision of in your life, use your imagination and think big thoughts and dream big dreams.
  • Pray. Thank God for his blessings and make a fresh commitment to know and do his will.

Second Hour - Creative Discussion

  • Review. Identify your “You Are Here” point. What are your current responsibilities and activities? What is important, what is not important?
  • Discuss. What do you feel God is saying to you at this time. Is it time to do something you’ve never done? Is it time to recommit to your present course?
  • Determine. Identify some specific things you will do – specific decisions and actions.
  • Pray. Ask God for guidance, direction, and confirmation.

Third Hour - Planning and Implementation

  • Review. Review dreams and ideas from Hour Two. List the specific activities, projects and tasks that are taking shape in your thoughts.
  • Assign. Make specific assignments with deadlines for projects or decisions you commit to. Spell out how you’ll begin, how you’ll follow through.
  • Pray. Ask God for wisdom and strength to carry out the plans you have made.