Add the Mini-Retreat to your Toolbox of Life Resources

Since Jean began using this idea with our daughters in 1991, we have adapted it, modified it, and used it in a variety of ways in our lives at times of transition and change or opportunity and challenge.

Mini-Retreats are not a cure-all or a solution to every problem or answer to every question. The Mini-Retreat is simply one tool that helps us stay on track with God’s purpose, maintain a healthy perspective on life and ministry, and stay ready to act on our convictions.

It’s especially helpful to use the Mini-Retreat in conjunction with daily quiet times that include Bible Reading and journaling, with active participation in some form of accountability with others, and with periodic seasons of prayer and fasting.

Be creative in your use of all these tools for keeping in the main flow of God’s will and purpose for your life and ministry.

We recommend the Mini-Retreat to you as one of the tools in your tool box. Use it, modify it, and/or adapt it. We’d love to hear some stories of how it works for you!

Jim and Jean Stephens


What is a Mini Retreat?

Half Day Mini Retreat Plan

Two Day Mini Retreat Plan