Choose the reading from your daily reading guide. Before you start reading pray and say, “God please speak to me from your word today.” Then prayerfully and thoughtfully read today's passage from the Old Testament or New Testament.

• Scripture – Write down a scripture – a verse or verses that seem to stand out to you from the day’s reading.

• Observation – Write an observation of how these verses affected you or of how God seemed to be speaking to you from His word as you were reading.

• Application – Write one or more points describing how this scripture applies to you and your situation. You may want to write some action points of how you intend to apply this to your life.

• Prayer – Write a brief prayer to God that expresses how you are feeling about the scripture you’ve read and how it applies to your life.

Try this plan for two months. If you miss a day or a few days in your reading don’t go back and try to “catch up.” Just pick it up again with the current day’s reading.

Daily Bible Reading starts as discipline and quickly becomes delight – we don’t know of anything else we could share with you that has more potential to change your life and line it up with God’s word and make God become more real and help you realize how close He is. We pray that God confirms this in your heart and you will step out and try it.