Bible Reading, Bible Study, and Journaling Resources

Bible Translations – Which one is right for me?

Look for easy reading, up-to-date language, easy understanding, interesting. Change translations from year to year. Keep it fresh.

Check out these translations:

• New International Version.
• New Living Translation.
• The Message Bible.
• New Century Version.

Choosing a Bible Reading Plan

Pick a time, a place, a plan, a Bible Translation, collect the tools (notepad, pen, computer, whatever) and begin to develop the habit pattern. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just go on from where you are on today’s date.

I recommend starting with:

• Through the Bible in a Year.
• Chronological reading order.
Check YouVersion Reading Plans
Check YouVersion Life Journal Plan

Journaling Helps

I recommend you do some form of journaling. I recommend S.O.A.P. as a get-started plan for journaling. As little or as much as you want, but do something.

Check the S.O.A.P. plan here

Bible Reading online

Many on-line versions available at the following:

Read online at

Read online at

Bible Study Resources – Printed and online

• Study Bible Version of your chosen Bible Translation.
• Simple Bible Facts book (Bible Handbook).
• Simple Bible Commentary.

• Strong’s Numbers/Concordances

• TGM Study Resources

• Blue Letter Bible

Bible Software for your computer or mobile device

• PC, Mac, and Mobile versions at Laridian
• PC, Mac, and Mobile versions at Olive Tree
• Many versions and resources at Logos