Term 3 - God The Holy Spirit

Chapter 1 Abraham: Character Qualities of a Man of God
Chapter 2 Holy Spirit 1: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 3 Holy Spirit 2: Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4 Holy Spirit 3: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 5 Kingdom of God 1: Jesus and the Kingdom of God
Chapter 6 Kingdom of God 2: Kingdom Parables
Chapter 7 Kingdom of God 3: The Church and the Kingdom of God
Chapter 8 Cities of Refuge
Chapter 9 Antioch - The Pattern Church
Chapter 10 The Church as the Family of God
Chapter 11 Christian Family 1: Introduction
Chapter 12 Christian Family 2: Husbands, Love Your Wives
Chapter 13 Christian Family 3: Wives Submit to Your Husbands
Chapter 14 Christian Family 4: Parents’ Responsibility to Children
Chapter 15 Christian Family 5: Communication in the Family
Chapter 16 Christian Family 6: Christian Singleness
Chapter 17 Christian Family 7: The Church and the Non-Traditional
Chapter 18 The Twelve Tests of the Call of God
Chapter 19 Function, Not Position

Chapter 20 Steps to Effective Ministry