What Is Freedom

What Is Freedom

05 June 2018


12 It’s true that our freedom allows us to do anything, but that doesn’t mean that everything we do is good for us. I’m free to do as I choose, but I choose to never be enslaved to anything. 13 Some have said, “I eat to live and I live to eat!” But God will do away with it all. The body was not created for illicit sex, but to serve and worship our Lord Jesus, who can fill the body with himself. 14 Now the God who raised up our Lord from the grave will awaken and raise us up through his mighty power! (1 Corinthians 6:12-14 The Passion)

God in His wisdom has given us as believers the freedom to choose; to choose how we will live, what we will serve. That freedom can be a blessing and a help, or it can easily lead us down a wrong path. Really, each day we will have many times to choose; the easy or hard road, the right or wrong, our rights or someone else’s. We choose!

Father, today give me Your wisdom to choose the way You would have me to go. It is my desire to choose wisely. AMEN

My God, always lead me in the pathways of Your pleasure. Smooth out Your road and way in front of me, straight and level so that I will know where to walk. Psalm 5

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