Your King

Your King

16 November 2018

GraceNotes – A Journey of Discovery
Jim Stephens

Scripture: John 19:12-16

12 Then Pilate tried to release him, but the Jewish leaders shouted, “If you release this man, you are no ‘friend of Caesar.’ Anyone who declares himself a king is a rebel against Caesar.” 13 When they said this, Pilate brought Jesus out to them again. Then Pilate sat down on the judgment seat on the platform that is called the Stone Pavement (in Hebrew, Gabbatha). 14 It was now about noon on the day of preparation for the Passover. And Pilate said to the people, “Look, here is your king!” 15 “Away with him,” they yelled. “Away with him! Crucify him!” “What? Crucify your king?” Pilate asked. “We have no king but Caesar,” the leading priests shouted back. 16 Then Pilate turned Jesus over to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus away. (John 19:12-16 NLT)

Here’s what can happen when the intended recipients of the Truth reject the Truth: Context: Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every Messianic prophecy from Adam to Malachi, and wrapped up in all that, he is the King of the Jews, the Savior of the World, and the Sovereign of God’s Eternal Kingdom!

John the Baptist came on the scene about three and a half years earlier, preaching “Prepare the way for the Lord! The Kingdom of God is near! The Messiah is coming and we need to get ready to receive him!” Then John declared that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, the Lamb of God. Jesus began his ministry, teaching God’s Truth, showing God’s love for the poor, healing the sick, raising the dead, miraculously affecting the weather, multiplying food—in every possible way showing his credentials and fulfilling everything that had been prophesied about the Messiah. Even Pilate got in on the act and called him the “King of the Jews!”

The teachers of religious law, the Pharisees, and the leading priests were experts in the prophecies about the coming Messiah. But they refused to see the truth, to hear the truth, to obey the truth because the Truth threatened their personal and corporate power and position and required them to change their minds! They even said to Pilate who was trying to release him, “We have no king but Caesar!”

Let’s be sure we’re willing to embrace the Truth and change our minds when God’s truth requires fresh thinking, or when it costs us something!


Father, May we always keep open minds and hearts to the Way, the Truth, the Life.

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