What To Do?

What To Do?

24 April 2017

Reading: 1 Samuel 28-29; Psalm 109; Matthew 11


Saul then said to his advisers, “Find a woman who is a medium, so I can go and ask her what to do.” His advisers replied, “There is a medium at Endor.”
(1 Samuel 28:7 NLT)

King Saul was in a desperate situation.
The armies of the five Philistine nations were massing against him, and he needed a word from God about what to do. Saul had previously expelled all the mediums and psychics from Israel, just as Moses had commanded in the Law, but now Samuel was dead, dreams weren’t working, the prophets weren’t prophesying, and even the sacred dice were coming up “snake eyes!” So Saul turned to witchcraft and the occult to try to get God to speak.

Saul’s rebellion and disobedience, his self-centeredness and pride, his hatred and fear, had so clouded his heart and mind that he no longer could hear anything God said to him.
He had little interest in God’s Word or God’s ways until he found himself in hot water. Then, in a panic, he tried everything he could think of to get God to speak to him and it just wasn’t working. So Saul reverted to witchcraft to try and get a message from God. He got the message all right, and it spelled his defeat and death.

Here are two Life Lessons for me today:

• It’s easy to make bold proclamations about spiritual commitments when things are going well. But we may be tempted to fall back to self-reliance or worse when we get desperate and don’t know what to do.
• If I don’t keep the lines of communication open daily between my heart and my God, through worship, prayer, and feeding my soul on the life-giving nourishment of his Word, it’s going to be tough to hear him speak when I’m in a panic and my world seems to be falling apart!


Father, Please help me to be clear in my commitments and courageous to stay with them even when the going gets tough. I will make time and space in my life daily to cultivate a hearing ear and a listening heart. I will trust you to guide me, to direct me, and to protect me in good times and bad times. Thank you for your love and faithfulness. You are truly the God Who Speaks. May I be the child who hears. Amen.

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