Very Clearly

Very Clearly

12 April 2015

Reading: Acts 10; Proverbs 17

34 Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God doesn’t show partiality. 35 In every nation he accepts those who fear him and do what is right. (Acts 10:34-35 NLT)

God intended all along for salvation to be available to people of all races through Jesus Christ.
This was promised in the Old Testament, and the Jews were familiar with all the scriptures and prophecies that said it. Jesus himself had made it very clear that the Good News was for people of all nations.

The problem was that Peter, the apostles, and the Jewish Christ-followers read and heard that truth through a particular filter that prevented them understanding it. It took a vision of pigs in a blanket to get Peter started in the right direction, then it took a visit from an angel to get him to make the next step. When he took the steps, he learned some new things about God’s impartiality, but only when he took the steps!

Peter’s obedient—even though not fully understood—steps of faith positioned him to receive revelation from God that would change everything. It was not new truth, but a new understanding of a truth that had been there all along. Then the Holy Spirit powerfully entered the picture and confirmed everything God had just revealed. Never before in Peter’s life had he seen this! Now he could “see very clearly!”

The truths God has for me to see have been there all along. Sometimes there’s an element of God’s truth I don’t understand at all because I, like Peter, have my own truth filters. God challenges me to take steps of eager, truth-hungry faith toward the experiences that will remove my filters, alter my perspectives, and let me experience things that will make God’s Truth become My Truth.

If I don’t take the faith steps God’s unfolding truth calls for, I won’t see and experience the truth God has for me! What truth-filters is God challenging you to lay aside? What faith steps is God challenging you to take today?


Father, Please don’t give up on me. I want God’s Truth to become My Truth. I know this is a risky prayer, but I want to keep going and growing. Don’t let me spend the rest of my life viewing truth through my personal filters. As you progressively reveal God’s Truth to me, give me the truth-hunger and change-capacity to keep taking steps of faith into God’s Truth! Amen.

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