The Same Moses

The Same Moses

31 January 2021

Jim Stephens

Reading: Exodus 28-29; Acts 7

35 “This is the same Moses whom they earlier rejected, saying, ‘Who put you in charge of us?’ This is the Moses that God, using the angel flaming in the burning bush, sent back as ruler and redeemer. 36 He led them out of their slavery. He did wonderful things, setting up God-signs all through Egypt, down at the Red Sea, and out in the wilderness for forty years. (Acts 7:35-36 MSG)

The Moses whom God sent back as redeemer and ruler of his enslaved people, the Moses who performed mighty, never before and never since seen miracles, the Moses who figures as one of the greatest leaders in history…
• Is the same Moses whose sense of justice led him to a botched attempt to rescue an enslaved, abused Israelite and become a fugitive from the court of Pharaoh.
• Is the same Moses who was rejected by his Israelite people when he tried to mediate their grievances with each other.
• Is the same Moses who had lived so long as a sheep-herder for his father-in-law that he had given up all hope or ambition to try and make the world better.
• Is the same Moses who had so little self-confidence left that he carried a list of compelling reasons he couldn’t accomplish anything worthwhile with his life.
• Is the same Moses
who appeared alive on the Transfiguration Mountain centuries later with Jesus and Elijah, talking with Jesus about his mission to redeem mankind.

My point is, This Is The Same Moses!

Have you botched an attempt to do something worthwhile, been rejected by those you tried to help, lost the passion to make a difference, lost every shred of self-confidence you had, resigned yourself to just living out your days until your heart stops beating? Add in a fresh encounter with God, a new sense of his holiness and greatness, a challenge and stirring of God’s Spirit to meet a need and make a difference, and who knows what could happen? This Same You can do something great for God!


Father, Today I’m picturing men and women reading this devotional who have failed, been rejected, become discouraged, lost the passion, resigned themselves to mostly joyless living. Please call them once again to holy ground, set their hearts afire, give a fresh challenge, answer their objections, and re-commission them for world-changing, difference-making service. Like you did with This Same Moses. In Jesus’ Name.

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