The Real Issue

The Real Issue

23 April 2015

Reading: Acts 21; Psalm 95


12 When we heard this, we who were traveling with him, as well as the local believers, begged Paul not to go on to Jerusalem. 13 But he said, “Why all this weeping? You are breaking my heart! For I am ready not only to be jailed at Jerusalem but also to die for the sake of the Lord Jesus.” 14 When it was clear that we couldn’t persuade him, we gave up and said, “The will of the Lord be done.” (Acts 21:12-14 NLT)

I get frustrated over this part of the story. Acts 21 tells of Paul’s journey to Jerusalem after saying goodbye to the Ephesian elders. Paul and his team arrived in Caesarea, and were staying in the home of Philip, one of the original Acts 6 deacons. God had already spoken through Spirit-filled believers and warned him that if he went to Jerusalem trouble was in store. Now the prophet Agabus arrived and dramatically and specifically declared that Paul would be arrested by the Jews and handed over to the Romans.

The warnings were accurate, and it played out just the way God told Paul it would. It makes me think that there could be lots more chapters in the book of Acts if Paul had just heeded the warnings. However, if Paul had heeded the warnings, taken the safer option, and avoided Jerusalem, we might not have Paul’s prison letters that give us much of the New Testament theology of Christ, Grace, and God’s plan for the church.

The real issue is how you look at it. The issue for Paul’s friends was that they were concerned about what would happen to him. The issue for Paul is that he was anticipating how Jesus would use him if he followed through on his determination to reach Jerusalem. I think Paul was right to obey, and Paul’s friends got it right when they said, “It’s in God’s hands now. May the will of the Lord be done.”

I’ve got to ask myself, “Am I more concerned about what might happen to me if I take the risk of faith, or about how God will use me if I act in obedient faith?”


Father, I need your help on this one. I find myself thinking way too much about what might happen to me if I take risks and “faith-steps.” Help me to remember that it’s not what people do to me, but what you do in me and through me, that really matters! Amen.

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