25 February 2021

Jim Stephens

Reading: Numbers 17-18; Psalm 29; Mark 4

33 Jesus used many similar stories and illustrations to teach the people as much as they could understand. 34 In fact, in his public ministry he never taught without using parables; but afterward, when he was alone with his disciples, he explained everything to them. (Mark 4:33-34 NLT)

Jesus had the most important task ever – to introduce the Kingdom of God on the earth. He had a short time to accomplish his task and a motley crew of ex-fishermen, tax collectors, political activists, and general misfits in whose minds and hearts he would plant the seeds of the Kingdom.

And the primary tool he used was story telling! He never taught without using parables – stories and illustrations.

For those who had made the decision to follow him as his students and apprentices, those who had changed the direction of their lives to be with him and learn from him, he explained the truths that were woven into his stories.

I know this is true and right. I know that now, just as back then, stories are the right tool to communicate the truths of God’s Kingdom. But we’re so westernized in our thinking that we still try to explain a lot of what we should just be telling stories about. I purpose to do better at keeping it simple and just telling the story.

Here’s something else I’ve been thinking about recently…To know you, I need to hear your story, to know me, you need to hear my story, to know God, we need to hear his story.


Father, Please help me to tell the stories more effectively. May I tell the story of your redeeming love and your amazing grace, of your patience and kindness, and of your unfailing faithfulness. May I tell my own story of your redeeming love and transforming grace honestly and well. May I tell interesting stories that contain the seeds of Kingdom of God truths. May I tell stories that are worth listening to, stories that create lasting images in the minds of those who hear me. May I always tell stories that end with the words “to be continued!” Amen.

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