Model The Good

Model The Good

26 August 2017

Reading: Jeremiah 50-51; 3 John


Friend, don’t go along with evil. Model the good. The person who does good does God’s work. The person who does evil falsifies God, doesn’t know the first thing about God. (3 John 11 MSG)

James and Paul and Peter and John – letter writers of the New Testament – wrote real letters to real people. They wrote to churches, groups of churches in specific cities and regions, to cultural groups of believers, and they even wrote to individuals.

John the Apostle was writing a letter to his friend Gaius. They were best of friends and John’s friend Gaius was in a difficult situation. He was a good and godly man in a church where some not-so-godly people wanted the power and prestige of being in charge. John told Gaius not to get involved in a power-struggle but simply to Model The Good.

Self-important people seldom advance the Kingdom of God effectively in the long term. They work hard to advance their power and position and they advance their projects, but they usually bear little, if any, lasting fruit. Often there’s a lot of activity going on, but not much transformation taking place.

How much Kingdom of God energy is wasted by self-promotion?
How many opportunities to love and serve are polluted by selfish ambition? How many self-motivated projects consume resources that could go towards building Christ’s Kingdom? I don’t know the answer to those questions. John said, “Don’t worry about it. Just Model The Good.”

I’m thinking about the joys and challenges of Parenting, Grandparenting, and Mentoring – of being good and godly influencers of the generations that follow us. What a good word this is for me today! I think I’ll tell people, “Just Model The Good!”


Father, I can be so easily distracted from what really matters! Thanks for another simple and clear reminder. Today I pray for all those who read this who are in difficult and conflicted situations. Help them to know when to fight for the right and when to patiently trust. But above all, may we always Model The Good. Amen.

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