Looking To You

Looking To You

21 June 2016

Reading: 2 Kings 6-7; 2 Chronicles 20; 1 Timothy 3


“O dear God, won’t you take care of them? We’re helpless before this vandal horde ready to attack us. We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.”
(2 Chronicles 20:12 MSG)

What a contrast between godless King Joram of Israel (2 Kings 6 & 7) and godly King Jehoshaphat of Judah (2 Chronicles 20)! King Joram blamed God for the troubles of sinful Israel and attempted to take out his anger and frustration on Elisha, God’s prophet and greatest gift to him and the nation.

Jehoshaphat acknowledged God as the only hope of victory,
and when Judah was threatened by an overwhelming enemy army, called the people to repentance, humility, and worship. When God spoke through the prophet Jahaziel, Jehoshaphat led the entire nation in a response of faithful obedience.

Jehoshaphat and his people believed God’s word to them in their time of crisis.
It’s notable that they not only obeyed the instructions God gave, but they began to praise God for the outcome before the circumstances began to change!

The things that happened to the nations of Israel and Judah are pictures of our own lives. Famines come, conflicts arise, and enemy sieges happen. In every instance, in each situation, the condition of my heart will lead me to decide whether to blame God for the problem or to acknowledge and thank God as my Rescuer.

If you are facing a great challenge, if you need a word from God, if you need to know God will intervene powerfully on your behalf, I encourage you to pray with me this prayer from the words of King Jehoshaphat.


Father in Heaven, 6 “God of our ancestors, are you not God in heaven above and ruler of all kingdoms below? You hold all power and might in your fist—no one stands a chance against you! 9 When the worst happens—whether war or flood or disease or famine—and we take our place before you (we know you are personally present with us!) and pray out our pain and trouble, we know that you will listen and give victory. 12 O dear God, won’t you take care of us? ...We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.” (2 Chronicles 20:6, 9, 12 MSG)

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