Live To Enjoy

Live To Enjoy

15 September 2011

Reading: Ezekiel 40-41; Psalm 128; Revelation 21


May you live to enjoy your grandchildren. May Israel have quietness and peace! (Psalm 128:6 NLT)

Faithful Jews gathered in Jerusalem at least three times each year for the annual feasts and celebrations. They often sang this and other “Psalms of Ascent” as they ascended the Temple Mount to worship and offer their sacrifices. It was a declaration of blessing on the family and was often sung at weddings as well. In that society where life expectancy was much shorter than in America today, it was a special blessing for someone to live long enough and be healthy enough to see and enjoy grandchildren.

This is one of my “Verses for Daily Reading.” I have a list of verses in my Bible, a list that grows by a verse every year or so, that I read each morning as I begin my devotional quiet time. These are verses that have been “quickened” to me by the Holy Spirit at times of need, decision, or challenge. These verses are like “faith vitamins” to keep my soul healthy.

A few years ago, when it looked as if I would not have grandchildren, I felt prompted to add this verse to my daily intake of spiritual vitamins. Both my daughters were married, but by choice in one case and circumstance in the other, grandchildren did not appear to be likely.

Four years ago, each of my daughters had a son, one by adoption and the other by birth. Two years later another grandson was born. Just like the blessing from God’s Word says, I am enjoying my grandchildren! And I look forward to many more years of enjoying them and any more that God adds to the family. (I also enjoy my dog, Buddy, but that’s another story!)


Father, I believe you both give and grant the desires of our hearts. I believe you gave Jean and me the desire to be grandparents. I believe you gave me this verse and prompted me to read it, as both a prayer and a blessing, every day of my life for the past few years. And I believe you acted on your Word to fulfill the spoken blessing. I purpose to continue speaking blessings to others as you have spoken blessing to me. Amen.

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