Jesus Healed The Sick

Jesus Healed The Sick

10 January 2018

GraceNotes – A Journey of Discovery

Scripture: Matthew 4:23-25 (Click the link for the scripture in Bible Gateway)

Jesus preached the Good News of the Kingdom.
He spoke in the synagogues so the religious people could hear his message and he spoke in the countryside and towns and villages and marketplaces so non-religious people could hear. People came from all over Galilee, from Syria, from as far away as Jerusalem and Judea. People came to Jesus and people followed him because people are curious, people are hungry, people have needs, and people want life that really is worth living.

Jesus healed sick and crippled and blind people.
Jesus set people free from the consequences of the devil’s damage to their minds, bodies, and souls. Jesus demonstrated that with God, there is power to heal and power to set people free.

Jesus still heals! I encourage you to pray for healing! Teach and encourage your kids, your family, your friends to pray for healing. Don’t worry about speaking the precisely correct words. Don’t get hung up on using a formula. Simply pray as trusting children to your loving and powerful Father! In fact, if you want good results, ask little children to pray for healing—little children who are young enough that their faith hasn’t gotten complicated with having to understand everything! When I have a flare-up of arthritis in my shoulder or hip, my “go-to” prayer person is eight-year-old grandson Zane. He prays when I ask him to. Then he prays each night when he goes to bed until he gets the report “Grandpa’s shoulder is OK now.” Not sure what I’ll do when he’s ten and his faith starts to get complicated! He’s my youngest grandson.

If you decide to pray for healing, for yourself, your family, for others, just do it! If possible, do it in person and touch the person as you pray. And don’t stop taking your meds, don’t get weird about it. But pray first and see what happens!

Remember, the message of Jesus is not “The Gospel of All The Correct Doctrines and Rules for the Church.” The message of Jesus is the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


Father, Thanks for the privilege of prayer. Thanks for the power released when simple, trusting prayers are prayed in faith. Help me do better with this. I don’t want to be more professional or polished about it, but simply more childlike and trusting. Amen!

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