Jacob Was Scared!

Jacob Was Scared!

13 January 2012

Reading: Genesis 31-33; Luke 13


Jacob was scared. Very scared. Panicked, he divided his people, sheep, cattle, and camels into two camps. (Genesis 32:7 MSG)

Something of a pattern here. Jacob tricked his father Isaac and cheated his brother Esau and had to leave home in fear of his brother’s revenge. Now Jacob feared what Laban would do to him and sneaked out of Haran to return to the land of his birth. It took a personal appearance by God to keep Laban from taking out his anger on Jacob. Then Laban left and Esau was coming toward Jacob from the other direction with 400 armed men. Jacob was very scared!

God had chosen Jacob and was blessing and protecting him, but Jacob had a lot of personal stress and fear that can be pretty directly traced to his attitude and his actions. Instead of being straightforward in his dealings with others, he was sneaky. This led to a lot of sneaky stuff coming right back at Jacob. It didn’t cancel God’s plans for him, but it sure made the ride a lot bumpier!

God’s purpose is over all. I want to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. God wants that too. If I live a life of commitment to God’s purpose and trust in God’s ability to bring it about, maybe I can avoid some of the stresses and conflicts that would result from my own self-effort and personal scheming. Now it doesn’t mean that the road will be super smooth, because God is interested in character development as well as blessing and provision.

Jacob was scared? I get scared too, because I know that God is absolutely serious about his purpose in me and for me. But I’m serious too. How about you?


Father, I surrender willingly to your will and commit unreservedly to your purpose. I want to live in such a way that I don’t create unnecessary stress and conflict for myself and my family. Because you’re a gentle shepherd, I know you won’t push me harder and faster than I can bear. But please don’t give up on me, because I don’t want to miss anything of what you want me to be and to do. Amen.

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