God's Good News

God's Good News

20 October 2016

Reading: Job 6-7; Acts 12


Meanwhile, God’s Good News was spreading rapidly, and there were many new believers. (Acts 12:24 NLT)

Saul (soon to be Paul the apostle), and his friend and mentor Barnabas, traveled from Antioch to Jerusalem with a relief gift for the suffering and persecuted Christians there. King Herod Agrippa executed James, the brother of John, one of the original twelve apostles, for his faith in Jesus. Peter was arrested and imprisoned during Passover, and would have been publicly tried, convicted and executed, had an angel not sprung him from the jail. Christ-followers prayed. They prayed in good times and in hard times. They prayed individually and they prayed at “prayer meetings.” The despot Herod accepted worship that should have been offered to God, and was struck down by an angel. He died a horrible death.

Meanwhile, God’s Good News was spreading rapidly, and there were many new believers. (Acts 12:24 NLT)

How easy it is to get caught up in the details of a part of the story and lose sight of the main thing! How easy it is to think that the point of the story is how things are going for me! How easy to be distressed by a problem or lulled by a blessing. Or to be distracted by a newsflash. Or to be worried about the economy and how it will affect me.

How easy it is to forget that God’s Good News is still spreading, and the Kingdom of God is being established in the hearts and minds and lives of people who were once far from God! How easy it is to forget that lost people matter to God, and that when God’s Good News spreads, there are still many new believers!


Father, Please help me remember that my story and everyone else’s little story fits into your big story of Good News spreading, lives changed for eternity, and your Kingdom advancing one new believer at a time! Help me keep focused on your purpose and not get to thinking that the story is all about this or that newsflash or problem or blessing. Or all about me. Amen.

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