Give It Your Blessing

Give It Your Blessing

23 April 2009


When you are invited into someone’s home, give it your blessing. (Matthew 10:12 NLT)


Jesus was instructing his followers about how they should behave when they went out to minister to others. He told them to use their faith, their abilities – everything they had to be a blessing. They were to trust the Father for his provision, to accept the hospitality of anyone who offered, and to assume the best of everyone they met.


I want be a man who assumes the best of everyone I meet. I am often inclined to make judgments based on appearance, personality, and the things I hear about people from others. This is a good word for me today. “Bless first, then see how things turn out. If adjustments need to be made, that can come later.”


Father, I approach today with an attitude of “Bless first, ask questions later.” May I please encourage someone today. May someone be more hopeful as a result of an encounter with me today. Amen.

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