Full Warranty

Full Warranty

29 September 2015

Reading: Romans 11; Psalm 76


God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded. (Romans 11:29 MSG)

Not many products come to us with a full lifetime warranty that is never canceled and never rescinded. Most product warranties are labeled “limited warranty” and are for a year, or three years, or for 50,000 miles or 60 months – there’s always a limitation or an exclusion somewhere in the fine print.

Paul is writing this to Gentile “outsiders” about God’s promises and gifts to the Jewish “insiders,” and says that no matter how things look on the surface, God’s gracious gifts and God’s precious purpose never expire (and there are no fine-print exclusions to catch you by surprise).

God’s gracious gifts and God’s precious purpose for my life are likewise under full warranty and will never be cancelled or rescinded. I may miss the blessing of his fully-warrantied gifts and calling through ignorance, through laziness, through wrong choices, or through an over-complicated and poorly-focused life, but God is still there, and his gifts are still under full warranty.

Whenever I decide to get serious about obeying the call and using the gifts, the future starts now. Even if I missed some time-sensitive opportunities, God’s love and grace opens the future to each wisely-chosen faith step I’m willing to take.

What about you? Do God’s promises in your life seem broken and out of warranty? Are his gifts to you, and in you, not working? Is his calling only a faint echo from the past? God’s gifts, call, and promises, are under full warranty. Simply bring them back to him today with faith in his goodness and submission to his will. He will repair or replace them at his discretion. His warranty is as good as his Word!


Father, Thanks for the reassurance of full warranty on your gifts, your call, and your promises. I choose to simplify (your current word to me), and to focus (more of your current word). I choose to step out of the boat, step across the line of faith, and respond to your Spirit’s push and pull. Help me not to waver, waffle, or whine. Please fulfill the warranty. May I fulfill the call and fully use the gifts you’ve given me. Amen.

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