You Will Feel Better

You Will Feel Better

31 August 2009


22 Yet there will be survivors, and they will come here to join you as exiles in Babylon. You will see with your own eyes how wicked they are, and then you will feel better about what I have done to Jerusalem. 23 When you meet them and see their behavior, you will agree that these things are not being done to Israel without cause, says the Sovereign Lord. (Ezekiel 14:22-23 NLT)

Ezekiel had been given the responsibility for delivering many hard and unpopular messages to the Israelis – to those still in Jerusalem under Zedekiah’s rule, and to those like himself already exiled to Babylon.

Now God accelerated the pace and he was instructed to tell the people that it was too late for repentance, the prophetic warnings of judgment given through many years by Isaiah, Jeremiah, and all the other godly prophets were about to be fulfilled. Ezekiel had the unpleasant assignment of saying, “Time’s up!”

But God so loved Ezekiel that he felt the need to explain himself – almost to justify himself – to his prophet. So he said, “You will see. You will agree. You will feel better.” Amazing!

God really cares about those who serve him. God cares about you and me. He may have to give us tough assignments. He may have to lead us through things we cannot understand or even agree are best for us and for others. But we have this assurance: If we trust him now, in time we will see, we will feel better, and we will agree that his way was best.


Father, I know that you are good and gracious and merciful. I know that you don’t take pleasure in the pain of your people. I know that you only lead us through the dark valley when it is a necessary part of the journey. Until I see, I will trust. Until I feel better, I will trust. Until I understand and agree, I will trust. Amen.

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