What I Dreaded

What I Dreaded

18 October 2009


What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come to be. (Job 3:25 NLT)

I admire this man Job. I have no criticism of him or his response to the terrible things he experienced. God grant that I would respond half as well.

Sidebar: Someone in my circle of friends, acquaintances, and associates is – at any given time – experiencing some part of Job’s pain and loss. Someone has lost financial security, has experienced a death or the break-up of a close relationship, is experiencing physical pain or illness, or is feeling isolated and alone. Do I have time and grace to sit silent with them for seven days and just be a friend?

Back to Job: Way down deep in Job was an area of insecurity – “What I always feared.. What I dreaded.” The things that happened to Job dug really deep and brought to the surface his innermost feelings and fears. The tragic loss and pain he experienced took him way beyond the person who had been apparent to others – prosperous, gracious, confident, in control. At the deepest level of Job’s mind and heart, there was a nagging fear and dread. Also at the deepest level in Job was the fear of the Lord and integrity of character.

What about me? What can I do to identify the fear, the dread, the termite-infested or rust-weakened place deep inside that would be exposed should the worst happen? Am I willing, with the help of God’s Word and Spirit, and a good friend or two, to find, face, and acknowledge the places in me that are not fully faith-anchored to Jesus?

If I can find that core weakness, that nagging fear, and deal with it before the storm hits, maybe I can come through better and suffer less structural damage. I’d like to think so. But If not, thank God for Job’s story. He faced it all and made it through.


Father, help me to be pro-active in finding and facing the areas of my life that are not solid, not anchored by faith to the rock. I pray again the prayer of Jeremiah 10:23-24, “I know, Lord, that a person’s life is not his own. No one is able to plan his own course. So correct me, Lord, but please be gentle. Do not correct me in anger, for I would die.”  Amen.

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