What He Had Promised

What He Had Promised

08 January 2009


1 Then the Lord did exactly what he had promised. 2 Sarah became pregnant, and she gave a son to Abraham in his old age. It all happened at the time God had said it would. (Genesis 21:1-2 NLT)


This promise had been a long time coming. In the quarter century since God had promised Abraham a son through whom his covenant would be fulfilled, there had been delays, doubts, discouragement, and an attempt on Abraham's part to fulfill the promise through his own effort.

Through all this, Abraham still believed God could be trusted even though the circumstances of his life seemed to make it more and more unlikely that it would ever happen. And God did exactly what he had promised, exactly when he said he would!


I believe God can be trusted to do exactly what he has promised and that he can do it when he says he will do it. Even though I fret at the delays, even though my doubts make me discouraged, even though I make some feeble effort to make it easier for God to fulfill his promise, I believe God. God still does exactly what he has promised and he still does it exactly when he says he will.


Father, thanks for your patience with me. Forgive me for fretting and doubting. I trust you and I believe you will do exactly what you promise, exactly when you say you will do it. Amen.

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