What a Wonderful God!

What a Wonderful God!

02 December 2011

Reading: Romans 9-12


33 Oh, what a wonderful God we have! How great are his riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his methods! 34 For who can know what the Lord is thinking? Who knows enough to be his counselor? 35 And who could ever give him so much that he would have to pay it back? 36 For everything comes from him; everything exists by his power and is intended for his glory. To him be glory evermore. Amen. (Romans 11:33-36 NLT)

This Thanksgiving Weekend our family was gathered under one roof. It gets pretty noisy under that roof when Jim and Jean, Phillip and Stephanie and Jesse, Colin and Melissa and Jude and Zane, and a dog and two cats all gather for a few days.

This year I noticed a lot of references in social media and in the news, to the conflicts that occur when extended family members gather. When you bring the household patterns of separate families into very close interaction, anything can happen, harsh and unkind words can be spoken, and misunderstanding easily and often occur. I’m so thankful that our little “clan” is growing in grace and learning to honor each other’s uniquenesses and differences. I thought, “What a wonderful God we have, who has allowed us to be family and to grow in family grace!”

Then this morning when I read Romans 11:33-36 it was like I could see Paul in his lamp-lit room there in Corinth just burst into singing, “Oh, what a wonderful God we have!” I don’t know if Paul said this like a doxology, or sang it like a song, or recited it like a poem. I just know it grabbed me and after I finished the reading, I went back and read it over and over.

Oh, what a wonderful God we have! God is so good! God is good and if you make the effort to be God-Aware and God-Grateful, you never know when an anthem of praise is going to hit you!


Thank you, Father, that this morning as I thought about your love and grace in my own family, I got to join my brother Paul the Apostle in an anthem of pure and simple praise for your goodness and greatness. To you be glory for evermore. Amen!

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