Very Humble

Very Humble

23 February 2009


Now Moses was very humble—more humble than any other person on earth. (Numbers 12:3 NLT)


Moses was the most powerful man on earth at this time. He was the only person who had direct audience with God and whose words and deeds on God’s behalf parted the sea and brought water from rock. Moses was The Man!

But God himself described Moses as the most humble person on earth. Here’s a couple of reasons I think this description of Moses is true:
• He was motivated by God’s call and not by personal ambition.
• He always gave God the credit for anything he accomplished.
• He didn’t defend himself when criticized, accused, or opposed.
• He showed no resentment toward his critics.
• He truly interceded for the people even at the risk of God’s anger.


I’m not sure how well I do on God’s humility scale. When I desire recognition or feel jealous, defensive, or critical of others, I know I’m not at the Moses end of the scale.


Father, I so admire the qualities I see in Moses. I want to be a person of whom it can be said – of whom you would say – “he’s very humble.” Amen.

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