Time's Up!

Time's Up!

04 September 2010

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 25-28; Revelation 10


5 Then the Angel I saw astride sea and land lifted his right hand to Heaven 6 and swore by the One Living Forever and Ever, who created Heaven and everything in it, earth and everything in it, sea and everything in it, that time was up— 7 that when the seventh Angel blew his trumpet, which he was about to do, the Mystery of God, all the plans he had revealed to his servants, the prophets, would be completed. (Revelation 10:5-7 MSG)

“The Angel swore by the One Living Forever and Ever… that time was up.” Life goes on and on. It’s hard to escape the “every-dayness” of life. It’s hard to remember that some day God will announce, “That’s it. Time’s up. Everybody out of the pool!”

The reality is that a day is coming when everybody, God-believers, false-god believers, and no-god believers, will know that time’s up. God will complete all the plans he has revealed to his servants, the prophets, the Trumpet will blow, and it will be The End.

It’s hard for me, a God-believing Christ follower to live each day with a conscious awareness that there is a day coming when it will be “Time’s up.” I tend to apply my faith mostly to my everyday life, to believing and receiving from God, and working to do what I believe is his will for me. My life has been good, God’s blessings have been abundant, and I don’t tend to think a lot about “end time events” or about heaven.

As I get older, I become more aware of my mortality and I can think of the end of my life and that God will say to me one day, “Your time’s up. Come home and let’s talk about what you’ve done with what I entrusted to you.”

Nothing wrong with that. But in order to live a whole life, a really God-aware life, I need to zoom out as often as I can to the Big Picture View and remember that there was a time when God said, “Let’s get started,” and there’s coming a time when God will say, “Time’s up!”


Father, I don’t know when you’re going to say “Time’s up,” or when you’re going to say to me, “Your time’s up.” Help me to live all the days you’ve given me fully present in the day and as much as possible aware that there’s a start and a finish and that it’s all in your plan. And that you remain fully in charge. Amen.

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