The Spirit Told Them

The Spirit Told Them

09 February 2009


6 Next Paul and Silas traveled through the area of Phrygia and Galatia, because the Holy Spirit had told them not to go into the province of Asia at that time. 7 Then coming to the borders of Mysia, they headed for the province of Bithynia, but again the Spirit of Jesus did not let them go. (Acts 16:6-7 NLT)


Paul was an activist. If the Holy Spirit gave him direction through prophecy or a vision or an impression or even through the passion in his heart to communicate the Good News, he made a plan and went for it.

In these verses, the Holy Spirit wasn’t telling him what to do, but what not to do. Paul was going for it, acting on his desire and his strategic plan. That’s good. But he was also sensitive to the direction of the Spirit not to carry out his plan and to listen for correction in his direction.


It’s not always “either-or.” Sometimes it’s “both-and.” For Paul it wasn’t a choice between making a strategic plan or depending on the Holy Spirit’s direction. Paul made his plan and then submitted it to the Holy Spirit for confirmation or correction or cancellation.


Father, thanks for Paul’s example of passion and obedience. Help me learn to be similarly sensitive – not to wait around for something to happen, but to act on what I know and what I’m called to do and then submit that plan to the Holy Spirit’s direction or correction. Amen.

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