The Song Of Moses

The Song Of Moses

29 December 2010

Today’s Reading: Revelation 15-18


2 I saw something like a sea made of glass, the glass all shot through with fire. Carrying harps of God, triumphant over the Beast, its image, and the number of its name, the saved ones stood on the sea of glass. 3 They sang the Song of Moses, servant of God; they sang the Song of the Lamb: Mighty your acts and marvelous, O God, the Sovereign-Strong! Righteous your ways and true, King of the nations! 4 Who can fail to fear you, God, give glory to your Name? Because you and you only are holy, all nations will come and worship you, because they see your judgments are right. (Revelation 15:2-4 MSG)

John saw those who had been faithful in great persecution standing victorious as a great choir singing praises to God. John said they were singing the Song of Moses, God’s servant, and the Song of the Lamb, God’s Son and the Savior of all mankind.

This prompted me to go to the Book of Deuteronomy and read chapter 32, the original Song of Moses, taught to the nation of Israel just before Moses’ death. Then I read Psalm 90, a Psalm of Moses.

The effect of all this was to remind me that God’s plan is seamless from beginning to end. God’s plan of bringing Israel out of slavery in Egypt was part of the same plan that John saw being wrapped up in the Revelation. In between those two parts of God’s Great Plan is his plan for today, his plan for you and me, his plan for right now!

Today I’m reminded that God sees the end from the beginning, and his plan isn’t patched together to accommodate changing circumstances and the random unfolding of events. God’s plan is the constant and the events unfold according to the plan.

That goes for his plan for my life and your life as well. It’s still his plan!


Father, Thanks for the reassurance that just as the song Moses sang on the edge of the Promised Land is still valid in the final wrap up of human events, the plan you have for me is still as valid today as when I first became aware you have a purpose for my life. I trust you and I trust my life to your plan. Amen.

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