The Gift Of Work

The Gift Of Work

25 February 2010

Today’s Reading: Numbers 17-18; Psalm 29; Mark 4


But only you and your sons may serve as priests, working around the Altar and inside the curtain. The work of the priesthood is my exclusive gift to you; it cannot be delegated—anyone else who invades the Sanctuary will be executed. (Numbers 18:7 MSG)

In Numbers 18:7, God says an interesting thing to Aaron. God says, "The work of the priesthood is my exclusive gift to you."

The US economy has staggered and stumbled in the past few years. Our Central Oregon economy has been especially hard hit because so much of it was based on building trades, property development, and tourism. Businesses have failed, fortunes evaporated, and unemployment remains high.

For years we took the growing economy for granted. Businesses prospered. Property values ballooned. Jobs were plentiful. We took it for granted, not realizing that jobs, growth, purchasing power are all gifts from God. We were greedy and selfish and didn’t really appreciate the gift of prosperity God had given us.

Maybe we’ve learned some lessons from all this. Maybe we haven’t learned all we could or should have learned. In any case, God is gracious and merciful and loves us all – past owners of failed businesses, those who are struggling to keep their employees working, unemployed workers, and those who are underemployed.

What if we acknowledged that work is a gift from God and began to seriously ask God to once again bless our community with the gift of work?


Father, I know that there are global forces at work shaping the economies of nations. I know that greed and consumerism and entitlement thinking are powerful destructive forces in the human heart and in national and local economies. But in a wilderness where there was no economy, you gave Aaron and his people the gift of work. I pray that you, in mercy and grace, will give our communities the gift of work and the heart to acknowledge that you are the source of all good gifts. In Jesus’ Name.

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