The Equipment

The Equipment

23 April 2010

Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 27; Psalm 141; 1 Chronicles 9; Matthew 10


You don’t need a lot of equipment. You are the equipment, and all you need to keep that going is three meals a day. Travel light. (Matthew 10:10 MSG)

I was struck by the simplicity of the commission Jesus gave the twelve he sent out. He said, “Start in your own neighborhood and work out from there, don’t draw a lot of attention to yourselves, don’t take on political or power issues, generously introduce the reality of God’s kingdom to the most needy.” Then he made the statement that really spoke to me, “You don’t need a lot of equipment. You are the equipment!”

I don’t need a lot of equipment to do what Jesus has commissioned me to do. I am not limited by budget, technology, facilities, and a lot of other factors that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on in my lifetime. I have the equipment for the task because I am the equipment for the task.

• Am I spending too much time and energy on what I think I need and failing to appreciate and fully utilize what I already have?
• Am I learning and developing the capabilities of the equipment I’ve got?
• Am I taking good care of the equipment?

So if I am the equipment for the task Jesus has assigned me, then the bottom line is that I need to know who I am, be who I am with my whole heart, and allow my primary ministry to others to simply be an expression of my true self in Christ.

If I love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and love others as I love myself, I can live and serve and simply do what needs to be done. Keeping it simple!


Father, Forgive me for spending so much time thinking about what I don’t have, what I think I ought to have, or trying to get something like other people have. I purpose to have a good look at the equipment you’ve given me and see what I can do with it towards fulfilling the task you’ve assigned me. Help me to operate the equipment well and do what you purposed for me to do with it. Amen!

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