08 April 2009


Suddenly, the Lord called out, “Samuel! Samuel!” “Yes?” Samuel replied. “What is it?” (1 Samuel 3:4 NLT)


In those days messages from the Lord were very rare. Suddenly, the Lord called out to young Samuel, waking him from sleep by calling his name. Samuel ran to Eli’s room and said, “Here I am. What do you want?” After a couple of times, Eli caught on that God was calling to Samuel and instructed him how to respond properly to God’s voice.

This call in the night, a call that came suddenly and unexpectedly, became a turning point in Israel’s history and in God’s redemption story.

In this case, it was important that Samuel be sensitive and responsive to God’s call and it was important that Eli instruct and encourage Samuel even though it meant that Eli’s era was ending and a new era was beginning.


God is at work behind the scenes even when it seems that life is going on and on and everything is merely routine and uneventful. Then when the time, God’s time, is just right, God suddenly speaks.

How important it is that we not let the ordinariness of life dull our spiritual senses. How important it is that we be quick to respond, even when we are not completely clear on the details of God’s call to us. How important it is that the current generation of leaders instruct, coach, and encourage the next generation and not selfishly cling to position, prestige, and power.


Father, I ask for two things today. First let me be sensitive and responsive to your “suddenlies.” Second, may I be an encourager and equipper of those who will take your purpose to the next level, those who will move your Kingdom forward in the next generation. Amen.

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