Something Happened

Something Happened

10 March 2009


14 I was one of the most religious Jews of my own age, and I tried as hard as possible to follow all the old traditions of my religion. 15 But then something happened! For it pleased God in his kindness to choose me and call me, even before I was born! What undeserved mercy! (Galatians 1:14-15 NLT)


Paul had a “Then something happened!” experience in which he encountered the risen, living Christ and he told that story over and over all his life. Even though he was thoroughly educated and trained in the doctrines and traditions of his religion, his sense of purpose and calling was based in his “Then something happened!”


I have a “Then something happened!” experience too. I was a Christian who attended my church religiously, served as a Sunday School teacher, tithed and gave to the church, and believed the doctrines of the church completely. My business was steadily growing and I expected to live a fulfilled life as a member of my church and a Christian businessman.

Then in a season of seeking more reality in my faith, I had an experience with God’s Holy Spirit that changed everything. I encountered the power and presence of the risen, living Christ. I became aware that from before I was born, God had determined a purpose for my life – the privilege of serving Him.


Father, Thank you for that “Something happened!” experience in my life. Help me never to forget that season of hungrily and desperately seeking, that encounter with your Spirit, and the certainty of your call and purpose for my life. Today I reaffirm my commitment to your purpose and plan for me. Amen.

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