Some Still Doubted

Some Still Doubted

11 May 2009


When they saw him, they worshiped him—but some of them still doubted! (Matthew 28:17 NLT)

These guys had been on a roller-coaster ride of anticipation, excitement, fear, disappointment, renewed hope, and complete disruption of their lives. Now Jesus appeared to them, triumphant over death, and they worshiped him as the realization of who he really is washed over them.

Some, though, still doubted. They held back, not sure what was ahead, not sure about once again risking everything for Jesus.

Can’t say I blame them. Can’t say Jesus blamed them either. Jesus went right ahead and included them in the commission to go and change the world, even though they were temporarily struggling with their doubts and with totally risking themselves for Jesus, for their faith, again.

By the time the feast of Pentecost rolled around a few days later, they were ready. They were back in Jerusalem, in an upstairs prayer meeting room, and the Holy Spirit fell on them all just as Jesus promised.

Lesson for me: Don’t write someone off just because they are going through a tough place and needing some time to process what’s happening. Jesus didn’t.


Father, thanks for being patient with me when it takes me a while to process stuff. Thanks for not writing me off when I’m still wrestling with doubts and slow to risk myself completely. Help me to give others the same respect. Amen.

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