So Sure Of God

So Sure Of God

10 May 2010

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 18; Psalm 56; Matthew 27


42 “He saved others—he can’t save himself! King of Israel, is he? Then let him get down from that cross. We’ll all become believers then! 43 He was so sure of God—well, let him rescue his ‘Son’ now—if he wants him! He did claim to be God’s Son, didn’t he?” (Matthew 27:42-43 MSG)

Everyone, friends and enemies alike, thought that if Jesus was really the Son of God, the Messiah, then his legitimacy and his power would be demonstrated by miracles and invincibility. The crowd of onlookers said, “He was so sure of God..!” and mocked his faith because God didn’t rescue him from the terrible things they were doing to him.

It was hard for them to understand that being God’s child and being in God’s will doesn’t make you bullet-proof, protect you from hardships and challenges, and ensure an easy and problem-free pathway. They couldn’t grasp that allowing this terrible atrocity to happen was God’s greatest act of love and Jesus’ greatest act of trust.

We’ve got to be careful not to judge others as faithless or out of God’s will when bad things happen to them. We’ve got to resist measuring the quantity or the quality of faith – even our own God-pleasing faith, by outward signs of blessing. God has called us to obedience, not success. Our faith is validated by our faithfulness, not by the results.

Sometimes the greatest faith is faith that endures, not faith that avoids. Sometimes the greatest love is love that sacrifices, not love that receives. I want to be “so sure of God” that I trust him completely even when the things that my faith has contended for, the things I have “believed for” don’t happen.


Father, I know that you love me because you are good, not because I am good. I know that you love me completely and unconditionally even when I’m not all I should be (because I’ll never be all I should be). Please help me to know your heart better, to judge others less, and to be as “sure of you” in hard times as I am in good times. I pray for my friends who are facing faith challenges right now that neither they nor those around them will misjudge their faith or your love. In Jesus’ Name.

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