Shepherd Hero

Shepherd Hero

15 April 2009


“Don’t worry about a thing,” David told Saul. “I’ll go fight this Philistine!” (1 Samuel 17:32 NLT)

I saw some things in this story today that really caught my eye:

• David’s heart of a shepherd had prompted him to face overwhelming odds in rescuing a lamb from a lion and another from a bear. When he saw the army of Israel challenged by the giant Goliath, he was willing to put his life on the line for his brothers and for God’s honor.
• God had given him victory over those predators. David remained confident in God when facing a giant human opponent.
• David had an exceptional skill with a sling developed over years in the fields. He used what he had and refused to get drawn into a fight on the giant’s terms.
• David took the initiative and charged toward the giant. Once he entered the battle field he moved quickly and decisively.
• David’s courageous act inspired the army and released them from the paralysis of fear and intimidation. Israel soundly defeated the Philistine army that day.

Here’s what this says to me:

• A shepherd’s heart will prompt me to put myself in harm’s way and to make sacrifices for those I lead and influence.
• I need to develop and hone my practical, everyday skills because God may choose to use those skills for a purpose beyond my imagination.
• Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.
• Past victories give faith and confidence for present challenges. Get off the couch, put down the remote, and get in the game!
• Think, speak, and act in faith-filled ways that will encourage and inspire others.


Father, Thank you for this never outdated story of David’s courage and faith. Help me to care like a shepherd, think like a leader-influencer, believe like a child, and act like a hero. Amen.

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