Shepherd Hero

Shepherd Hero

15 April 2019

Shepherd Hero
Jim Stephens

Reading: 1 Samuel 17; Psalm 9; Matthew 2

“Don’t worry about a thing,” David told Saul. “I’ll go fight this Philistine!” (1 Samuel 17:32 NLT) (Take a few minutes and read the full story: 1 Samuel 17:1-53)

Young David, son of Jesse of Bethlehem in Judah, was a shepherd. His shepherd’s heart and sense of responsibility had prompted him to face overwhelming odds in rescuing a lamb from a lion, and then rescuing another lamb from a bear.

David knew that God had given him victory over a lion and a bear, and David remained confident in God when facing a giant somewhat super-human opponent who had, for many days, intimidated King Saul and the army of Israel. When he saw the army of Israel challenged by the giant Goliath, he was willing to put his life on the line for his brothers, his people, and for God’s honor.

Here are some things that spoke to me as I read this story again of David’s courage and victory over Goliath on the battlefield:
• David had an exceptional skill with a sling developed over years in the fields. He used what he had and refused to get drawn into a fight on the giant’s terms.
• David took the initiative and charged toward the giant. Once he entered the battle field he moved quickly and decisively.
• David’s courageous act inspired the army and released them from the paralysis of fear and intimidation. Israel soundly defeated the Philistine army that day.

Here’s what this says to me about life and faith and the challenges we face:
• A shepherd’s heart will prompt me to put myself in harm’s way and to make sacrifices for those I lead and influence.
• I need to develop and hone my practical, everyday skills because God may choose to use those skills for a purpose beyond my imagination.
• Past victories give faith and confidence for present challenges. Get off the couch, put down the remote, and get in the game!
• “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” - Rick Livingston. “Do the next right thing.” - Lance Powers
• Think, speak, and act in faith-filled ways that will encourage and inspire others.


Father, Thank you for this never outdated story of David’s courage and faith. Help me to care like a shepherd, think like a leader-influencer, believe like a child, and act like a hero. Amen.

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