My Trust

My Trust

06 November 2011

Reading: Job 30-31; Psalm 120; Galatians 3-4


24 “Have I put my trust in money or felt secure because of my gold? 25 Does my happiness depend on my wealth and all that I own?” (Job 31:24-25 NLT)

Job was trying to find his way through the maze of his own thoughts about his pain and loss and other people’s accusations and judgments and he was absolutely in the dark! Say what you like about his protests of innocence and complaints to God, but I have no criticism for Job in his attempts to make sense of what was happening to him. Job was a good man desperately trying to understand why everything in his life had gone so wrong!

He went through quite a list of questions about where he might have gone wrong and why it seemed God was punishing him. One of his questions had to do with the source of his trust and security.

A lot of people I know are facing the same question Job asked here; “Have I put my trust in money or felt secure because of my gold? Does my happiness depend on my wealth and my stuff?”

As for me, economic uncertainties, family health challenges, and seasonal life-changes that directly affect the future for Jean and me have driven me to ask some Job-like questions. Is my security in material things or is my identity in a position? Do I really trust God and see him as my source?

It’s good to face these questions and challenges. It’s good to work our way through confusion and uncertainty, to ask the honest questions, and to reaffirm our simple faith and trust in God, in his love for us, and in his faithful protection and provision.


Father, I don’t presume to know how Job felt in his pain and loss, but thanks for the record of his thoughts and his response. It’s an encouragement to me. Help me with my doubts and questions. Help me not to waver when the uncertainties multiply. I believe you are my Father, my Shepherd, and my Provider. I trust you with my present and my future. I pray that these words will strengthen and encourage others who are facing the challenges, the uncertainties, and the questions of life. Amen.

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