Mercy Wins

Mercy Wins

15 December 2009


12 So whenever you speak, or whatever you do, remember that you will be judged by the law of love, the law that set you free. 13 For there will be no mercy for you if you have not been merciful to others. But if you have been merciful, then God’s mercy toward you will win out over his judgment against you. (James 2:12-13 NLT)

Judgment and mercy. God is a just God who judges sin. God is a merciful God who forgives sinners. Is God caught in an eternal, inner struggle between judgment and mercy? Not at all! God is in perfect harmony in his just and merciful nature. God’s perfect justice demands judgment and God’s perfect mercy provides forgiveness.

God’s mercy doesn’t cheat his justice. God sent his Son to this earth to pay the price of sin and satisfy justice once for all so God could be forever merciful to those like me who need mercy most.

God’s mercy toward me will win out over his judgment against me. The New King James Version of the Bible says at this point, “Mercy triumphs over judgment!”

Now it’s my turn. The God who loves the world and you and me has found a way to satisfy the tension between judgment and mercy so that mercy wins. As I face the wrongs I see, the hurts I experience, the injustices that come my way, I must reconcile the tension of “That’s not right!” and “Your sins are forgiven!” I have received God’s mercy instead of suffering his judgment. Now it’s time for mercy to win in me.


Father, I want to be like you in showing mercy. The tendency to be critical, to impose my ideas on others, to make comparisons, is ever with me. The tendency to say “That’s not right!” and “They can’t do that to me!” is ever with me. I resist and reject a judgmental attitude and I embrace a heart of mercy. I receive your mercy and yield to your Holy Spirit who causes mercy to triumph over judgment in my attitude toward others. Mercy wins! In Jesus’ Name.

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