05 February 2009


But God’s Good News was spreading rapidly, and there were many new believers. (Acts 12:24 NLT)


The Good News story of Christ at work in his church was growing, developing, multiplying. No longer was it the story of one man, Jesus, walking among the people, or one man, Peter, speaking to the crowds at the Pentecost celebration. Now the once-linear story line had multiplied into many parallel stories.

In this short chapter, Herod murdered James and arrested Peter and some of the Jerusalem believers prayed at the home of Mary, John Mark’s mother. An angel released Peter from the prison. Herod left for Caesarea in frustration and was struck down by God’s power and died.

The Antioch church, 450 miles north in Syria, was thriving and had sent Barnabas and Paul to Jerusalem with a generous gift for the poor. Barnabas and Paul were likely in Jerusalem, possibly present at the prayer meeting in Mary’s house the night Peter was freed from prison.

A revival had broken out in Samaria and Philip was now in Caesarea, possibly working with the new Gentile church that had sprung up in the house of Cornelius, the converted Roman army officer. The treasurer of Ethiopia had gone home a Christ-follower, having been baptized by Philip along the Gaza road.


It’s good to remember that there’s a lot going on in God’s Kingdom outside our own personal story and situation. When things are hard for us, there’s blessing somewhere. When we’re prospering, someone is suffering. When we’re enjoying favor, someone is struggling to lift their head under persecution.

I need to hear stories of the “meanwhiles” of God’s Kingdom. Meanwhile, God’s Good News is still spreading and there are many new believers!


Father, this morning I rejoice that there are millions of stories of the “meanwhiles” of your Good News spreading throughout the world. I ask you to bless my brothers and sisters in every nation and continent and encourage us all that your Good News is still spreading and there are many new believers. Amen.

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