Makes No Difference

Makes No Difference

05 August 2009


Jesus replied, “Now is not the right time for me to go. But you can go anytime, and it will make no difference." (John 7:6 NLT)

Jesus’ brothers who didn’t believe in him were mockingly challenging him to go to the annual Festival of Shelters in Jerusalem to work the crowds and promote his popularity. Jesus replied to them that it wasn’t the right time (in God’s timetable for his life) for him to go to the Festival. Then he said, “You can go anytime and it will make no difference.”

Jesus’ brothers, along with a lot of other people who did not recognize the purpose and plan of God, could pretty much go or not go, do or not do, and it really made no difference. To Jesus, it’s not about your position, your power, or your possessions. These are not the things that determine if what you do makes a difference.

The more committed we are to God’s purpose and the more we become aligned with his will, the more difference it makes where we go, when we go, and what we do and say when we are there. I must develop and maintain daily communication with my heavenly Father so that he can tell me where, when, and what and so that I can live by his timetable and plan for my life.

If you and I are committed to knowing and living in alignment with God’s purpose for our lives, where we go and what we do really does make a difference.

Don’t be satisfied with a life so out of alignment with God’s purpose that it makes no difference where you go and what you do!


Father, I want to do better at listening for and hearing your guiding voice and looking for and recognizing your guiding hand. I want to be where I belong and be there when I’m supposed to be there, doing and saying what I’m supposed to do and say. I want to make a difference.

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