Make Him Head

Make Him Head

31 March 2010

Today’s Reading: Judges 9-10; Psalm 49; 1 Corinthians 16


The leaders in Gilead said, “Who will stand up for us against the Ammonites? We’ll make him head over everyone in Gilead!” (Judges 10:18 MSG)

The Israelis had lost their sense of identity as the People of God. They had marginalized their faith in the God of Abraham and Moses and had become functional pagans. They had lost their communication linkage with God and had become so polluted in their values that they were at this point only concerned with solving a problem.

They felt they needed a champion to lead them in their struggle against the oppressing Ammonites and instead of seeking God’s man for the job, they advertised the position on Craig’s List. They weren’t looking for faith or character or integrity or anointing. They just wanted someone to fix a problem. They said, “Whoever can solve the problem can be king over the whole region!”

This makes me think of how political campaigns are conducted in democratic republics like the USA and democratic monarchies like the UK. It seems as if whoever promises most convincingly to keep us economically prosperous and comfortable gets our votes, then as soon as we feel a financial pinch we’re ready to throw them out and try another problem solver. I think we should remember that our Founding Fathers in the USA gave us a system that allows us to choose the government we want. The reality is that if we want to change the government, we have to change our “wants.”

On a personal level, if I don’t stay in close fellowship with Father God every day, if I let my God-communication slip and my godly values become polluted, I’ll get to the point where I’m saying, “Just solve the problem. Just fix it.” My attitude will be, “Don’t bother me with a lot of details like, ‘Is this right? Is this God’s will? Is this consistent with what God has said previously?’ Just fix the problem!”


Father, This story from Judges helps me see my own tendencies in life. Help me to stay close to your heart and clear in my communication with you every day. I don’t want to slip into the “Just fix it. Just solve the problem!” mode. I purpose to “Seek diligently, listen carefully, obey completely.” May it be so. Amen.

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