Indisputable Evidence

Indisputable Evidence

04 November 2010

Today’s Reading: Job 26-27; Mark 15-16


19 Then the Master Jesus, after briefing them, was taken up to heaven, and he sat down beside God in the place of honor. 20 And the disciples went everywhere preaching, the Master working right with them, validating the Message with indisputable evidence. (Mark 16:19-20 MSG)

Even Jesus’ closest followers were slow to believe he was actually alive again – that he had come back from death as he said he would. In fact, at first they didn’t believe those from among themselves who saw the empty tomb, dialogued with angels, or even saw Jesus and talked to him.

But when they did believe, and when they were empowered by the Holy Spirit, they were unstoppable. Not only did they believe Jesus was alive, not only did they tell everyone they met, but the living Jesus Christ worked with them, validating the message they preached with indisputable evidence.

Some of the proofs of Jesus’ resurrection and the message the disciples preached were “17…They will throw out demons in my name, they will speak in new tongues, 18 they will take snakes in their hands, they will drink poison and not be hurt, they will lay hands on the sick and make them well.” (Mark 16:17-18 MSG)

Another indisputable evidence was their boldness and courage in the face of the same opposition that had killed Jesus.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, the Son of God, and that he lived, died, and came back to life again, just as the Bible says. That belief is the basis of the faith on which I have built my life. I want to see more indisputable evidence in my own life and through my own service to validate the message I deliver.


Father, Today I ask you to empower me so that the things I do and the way I live my life will validate the words I speak. May my living and loving be indisputable evidence that Jesus is alive and lives in me. Amen.

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