Include Everything

Include Everything

02 November 2010

Today’s Reading: Job 23-24; Mark 11-12


22 Jesus was matter-of-fact: “Embrace this God-life. Really embrace it, 23 and nothing will be too much for you. This mountain, for instance: Just say, ‘Go jump in the lake’—no shuffling or shilly-shallying—and it’s as good as done. 24 That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything. 25 And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking. If you have anything against someone, forgive—only then will your heavenly Father be inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.” (Mark 11:22-25 MSG)

Peter was amazed that after overhearing Jesus curse a fig tree on Monday morning, on Tuesday morning the tree was dead as a stick. Jesus said, “Peter, it’s no big deal. If you’re as serious as I am about living the God-life, miracles will happen when you speak.” To Peter’s credit, that actually happened as he continued his journey of faith!

But here’s my thought about these words of Jesus: Jesus said, “Include everything and you’ll get God’s everything.”

One of the skills that most of us have to learn in order to manage our complex lives is the skill of compartmentalizing things: This is my work time, this is my family time, this is my faith time, this is my “me” time. Jesus said, “No compartmentalization! It’s all one life – your faith in God, your relationships, your work, your identity – it’s all one. It’s your God-life!”

In this season of my life, one of the most important lessons God has for me to learn is to include everything. That means to pray about everything. That means to give everything. That means to risk everything. That means to accept everything. That means everything.


Father, I purpose to learn to live a life without compartmentalization – without reservation. I embrace this God-life! I recklessly ask you to help me learn to include everything and to give me grace and faith to live it out. Amen.

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