In Spite Of All This

In Spite Of All This

13 October 2009


“Yet in spite of all this, we are making a solemn promise and putting it in writing. On this sealed document are the names of our princes and Levites and priests.” (Nehemiah 9:38 NLT)

Nehemiah Chapter 9 is a sermon preached to the Jews in Jerusalem on the Day of Observation. The Levites who were preaching to the people re-told the entire story of God and his people from creation, Abraham, Egypt, Moses, the Exodus and the wilderness, entering the land, the apostasy that came with their prosperity, God’s attempts to turn them back to himself, and finally the consequences of their sin and rebellion.

Then, In Spite Of All This, on a this particular day the people were repenting, confessing their sins, worshipping God in spirit and truth, and renewing their covenant with him. And God was receiving them back into covenant relationship with himself!

Amazing! Grace! Amazing Grace!

So much of my life, my relationship with God, my service to him and his people could be introduced with the phrase, “In Spite of All This!”

It’s his Amazing Grace that allows me to go on living, serving, and making a difference.

For me, it’s mostly “In Spite Of All This.”


Thank you, Father, that you allow me to renew my covenant with you daily In Spite Of All This – In spite of my weaknesses, my failures to perform, my failures to obey, my failures to fully appreciate what you do for me, my failure to trust you completely. In Spite of All This, you allow me to belong, to serve, and to enjoy your great blessings on my life. Thanks for being to me an “In Spite Of All This” God and Father. Today I commit to love and serve and obey you with all my heart. But we both know that I’m completely dependent on your “In Spite of All This” mercy and grace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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