I Was Afraid

I Was Afraid

13 January 2009


“I rushed away because I was afraid,” Jacob answered. “I said to myself, ‘He’ll take his daughters from me by force.’ (Genesis 31:31 NLT)


Jacob lived with a lot of fear. He had cheated and deceived his brother Esau. He had become rich at Uncle Laban’s expense and then left the country taking Laban’s daughters. Jacob seemed to leave relational wreckage everywhere he went. And he certainly suffered the consequences of his error.

But Jacob also experienced the blessing of God’s covenant and the faithfulness of God’s provision and protection.


Sometimes I need to be reminded that even though bad choices have inescapable consequences, God’s faithfulness and his covenant love covers it all.

Just because I make mistakes or because I have some personality flaws and weaknesses doesn’t mean God can’t use me and fulfill his purpose for my life. But it sure doesn’t make things any easier for me and for those I love!


Father, thanks that your faithfulness trumps my stupidity! Please forgive me for making harder to accomplish your purpose when I do dumb things. I am determined, like Jacob, to hold on until you bless me and bless others through me. Amen.

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