His Faith

His Faith

07 January 2009

Reference(s): Genesis 15:6 


And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord declared him righteous because of his faith. (Genesis 15:6 NLT)

Observation and Application

God chose Abraham for a covenant relationship. It would be a relationship that spanned the generations, created nations, and wrote world history. And the one simple thing God saw in Abraham that set all this in motion was faith – simple faith. Abraham believed God.

Abraham had doubts when he looked at the impossibility of his circumstances. Abraham made things more difficult when he acted out of fear. Abraham complicated things incredibly when he became impatient and tried to fulfill God’s promises in his own strength. Still God chose to be in relationship with Abraham!

The bottom line is that God was looking for simple faith from an imperfect man. That means there’s hope for me!


Father, I have doubts and I get impatient and I am capable of messing things up pretty badly. Please forgive me and please accept this statement of simple faith from an imperfect man – I believe you and I trust you. Amen.

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