He Believed God

He Believed God

05 January 2012

Reading: Genesis 15-17; Luke 6


And he believed! Believed God! God declared him “Set-Right-with-God.” (Genesis 15:6 MSG)

Not one of the longest verses in the Bible, but one of the most profound truths. Abraham believed God and God counted that as enough to “Set him right with God.”

Abraham lied because of his fear, laughed because of his doubts, and produced Ishmael because of his impatience. But Abraham believed God and that’s what counted.

I’ve got doubts, fears, and impatience, just like Abraham. Hey, I’m starting to feel like there’s hope for me after all! Now that I’m in the seventh decade of my life (60+), the years ahead are obviously fewer than the years behind. So this makes me wonder how much potentially productive time I have left. Because I do, after all, want to make a difference with my life!

Several prophetic words have been given to Jean and me in the past few years that “the best is yet to come!” and that “our later years will be even more fruitful than anything so far.”

That’s good news, those are things I like to hear, but sometimes I wonder if it’s all really going to happen. We’ve learned much through years of amazingly varied experience, and God keeps our souls stirred and our perspective fresh by digging deeply and working faithfully in our hearts, but time is relentless. The clock is ticking!

And so I sometimes fear it won’t happen, I doubt my dreams, and I get impatient. But I believe! And that is what counts! I believe God!

If you’re challenged by doubts and fears, frustrated and impatient, take a moment to reflect on what God has promised you. One question: Do you believe God?


Father, I believe what you have said to Jean and me. I believe you, I believe what you say. I also doubt, fear, and am impatient. Please forgive me and don’t give up on me. I believe that the best is yet to come, that the greatest fulfillment of your purpose for our lives is still ahead, and that it really will happen. And that’s what counts! Amen.

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