He Already Knew

He Already Knew

04 August 2009


3 Then Jesus went up into the hills and sat down with his disciples around him. 4 (It was nearly time for the annual Passover celebration.) 5 Jesus soon saw a great crowd of people climbing the hill, looking for him. Turning to Philip, he asked, “Philip, where can we buy bread to feed all these people?” 6 He was testing Philip, for he already knew what he was going to do. (John 6:3-6 NLT)

Jesus and his followers were confronted with a very great need. They had attracted a crowd of over five thousand men, not counting women and children, and the people were hungry. Jesus assumed responsibility to help the people, even though there was no “legal obligation” to feed them, because he loved them.

Jesus already knew what he was going to do to meet this need, but he asked Philip a question to teach and test him. Jesus was beginning to involve his followers in the process of meeting the needs of the people. Other gospels tell that Jesus gave the bread and fish to his disciples and they gave it to the people. The food multiplied in Jesus’ hands and also in his disciples’ hands.

My thoughts about how this applies to you and me as Christ-followers:
• Jesus is still concerned about the needs of people, and he still involves his followers (you and me) in meeting those needs.
• Jesus already knows what he is going to do, but he often leaves us in the dark, faced with questions, and uses the situation to teach and test us.
• If we accept joint responsibility with Jesus for people he loves and the needs we see and if we do what he tells us to do, we get to be part of a miracle!


Father, it’s a good lesson for me again today. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the needs of the people you love. I’m daunted by the challenges of the tasks and the demand for resources related to meeting the needs. I know that you already know what you are going to do, but please keep teaching me so I can learn to think and love like you do. And I do really thank you for allowing me to be part of a miracle.

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